What you will get with the HAM Realbook

As you may have heard, the HAM Realbook is out now on SongTreasures. Maybe you’ve considered buying it, but aren’t exactly sure what you’ll get. In this newsletter you will find some examples that could help you decide.

With the HAM Realbook you will get access to lead sheets, song demos, studio recordings, playbacks and live performances for almost 200 high quality songs. With the lead sheets on the app you will be able to choose between clefs, change key signatures, or change octaves. You will also get access to the lead sheets as PDF-files.

Below are some examples from the song “Stressless” composed by Torleif Bratlie in 2011:

“Stressless” is a fairly simple yet effective song, but with the HAM Realbook you will find a wide range of styles and genres, as well as varying difficulty levels. Below are some chosen free lead sheets that show the diversity of songs in the book:

With the songs in this book you have a world of possibilities in your hands. You can learn or teach music, bless others with your playing, strengthen your bonds with other people by playing with them, or express your creativity by making your own versions of the songs. Press the button below to purchase the HAM Realbook now.