The songs “Gud, du som ser oss fra him’len” and “En travel dag er over” are now available in Almond Blossom – Additions.

“Gud, du som ser oss fra him’len” was written and composed in 2005 by Kjell Johnsen. It is a beautiful song often used at weddings – a prayer that the love of God must persevere. The song is also a prayer that the bride and groom may humbly be led by God and grow in wisdom so that they can stand firm in whatever storms may come.

“En travel dag er over” was written in 2014 by Karethe Opitz Mihai, and the melody is composed by Dag Helge Bernhardsen. The song is about a person lying in bed at night, reflecting on the day that has passed. Even though their only desire is to become more of a blessing towards others, they see that nothing good dwells in their flesh. But the person also has tremendous hope and trust in God, a hope that he will transform them and give them strength in temptation and battle. A hunger for victory has been put in them, and they know that they can overcome anything in God’s strength.