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Karl Pedersen was a good and god-fearing man, who wrote multiple songs in Ways of the Lord. He had a natural talent for writing and speaking about God’s word through simple and clear imagery. In song no. 207 in Ways of the Lord, Karl Pedersen wrote about having the spirit of expectation and being ready for Jesus’ coming. This is a theme he held close to his heart and often spoke about.

O be among the five
Who humble are and wise.
With vessels filled, their lamps are bright;
In Jesus they delight.
Be faithful to the end;
Make haste—pause not, my friend,
For Christ’s return is drawing nigh;
We’ll meet Him in the sky

Ingrid Bekkevold has written 20 songs in Ways of the Lord and 4 in Almond Blossom, all of which are very rich in content. Her songs were brought forth through life’s trials and challenges, big and small, and were often written from the kitchen bench. Here is an excerpt from the ActiveChristianity article about her song “I thank Thee, O precious Savior”: “Only a person who has completely and thoroughly taken the verse, “in everything give thanks,” to heart could write a song like this one (1 Thessalonians 5:18). A reminder not to take the blessings for granted, but to remember to thank God for them. Not to resent the fiery trials, but to be thankful for the opportunity to be purified like gold in the fire. (1 Peter 1:6-7)”

I thank Thee for days full of sunshine,
For trials of deepest night.
I thank Thee, my precious Savior,
For Thou guidest all things aright.

(No. 366 in Ways of the Lord)