The biographies about Clarisse Hansen and Hedvig Hansen are now available in the SongTreasures mobile and web app.

Clarisse Hansen (1860-1939) was by nature a resourceful woman, who had a good heart. She wrote song number 106 in Ways of the Lord: “The fullness of Spirit, Lord, give me”. The song is a prayer to God asking Him to fill her with His strength and with the Holy Spirit. She also asks Him to help her preserve the spirit and wishes that all of her actions are driven by it. Her longing is clearly seen in the fourth verse:

“O pour out Your Spirit and fire;
To all those who ask, abundance give.
Grant vict’ry; fulfill their desire,
So unto Your glory they can live.”

Hedvig Hansen (1881-1967) was a very caring and humble woman, who could hold her tongue in check, and who never interfered in the affairs of others. She went through tremendous trials but kept a firm belief in God through it all, and remained without bitterness and complaint. In verse two of the song “What you sow you’ll reap for certain” written by Hedvig, she writes about taking heed to what you say:

“Just a word, and barely noted!
But take heed to what you say!
For each whisper in the darkness
To the light will come one day.”

(No. 89 in Ways of the Lord)