The songs “Nå jeg synge vil en sang om hyrdesinn” and “Er velsignelse og glede” has been added to SongTreasures.

“Nå jeg synge vil en sang om hyrdesinn” has been added to Ways of the Lord – Additions. It was written and composed by Torleif Bratlie in 2019. The song was written in connection with the anniversaries of brothers who have been prominent and good shepherds. It was performed at Kåre J. Smith’s 75th birthday.

Someone who has received the gospel – the glad tidings – will spread the light of their joy in thankfulness. A good and true shepherd rejoices with his lambs. He leads others on to the path to spiritual growth, showing them the way by example. This shared joy and spiritual growth are a testimony to the grace of God that is active in those who believe. It can pull those around us in the same direction. There are not many true shepherds in this world, but in the Church we are blessed with true shepherds who lead the way, not to a superficial Christian life, but to the depths of God. The song was written in gratitude to such shepherds.

“Er velsignelse og glede” has been added to Almond Blossom – Additions. It was written by Gunnar Bendixen in 2012 and composed by Dag Helge Bernhardsen in 2013.

With this song, Gunnar Bendixen hopes to strengthen those who are struggling in their own power. He experienced in his own life that God can give you the strength that you need, and what was impossible before becomes possible with His power.