The biography of Sigurd Bratlie is now available in SongTreasures

Sigurd Bratlie was an evangelist, a shepherd, a teacher and an apostle. His life, his writing and his preaching have been a tremendous help for thousands of people. He had a unique ability to bring forth the gospel and the teachings of the apostles in a clear and straightforward way, so that everyone could understand.

As a person Sigurd Bratlie was a modest and humble man, who never exalted himself. Things that people normally look up to and admire were of no interest to him. He had a sincere love for people and devoted his life to living righteously before God’s face, putting the truths that he preached into practice in his own life.

It is impossible to describe the impact Sigurd Bratlie has had on so many people. Few have lived such a devoted and rich life, and few have left such a valuable treasure of books, songs and other writings. Below is an excerpt from song no. 355 in Ways of the Lord, written by Sigurd Bratlie:

“With triumphant, full assurance
We shall joyfully proclaim,
«We can be like our dear Savior
By His laws – O praise His name!»
In this freedom we’re rejoicing,
Thankful for the Holy Ghost
And the way that Jesus opened;
Now in Him alone we boast.”