The biography of Andreas Nilsen is now available in SongTreasures

Andreas Nilsen was a true and faithful shepherd whose work has helped, and still helps thousands of people to this day. He was a living sacrifice who, gripped by the truths of the gospel, devoted his life to God and to serving those around him.

Two songs in Ways of the Lord have been written by him. The songs are still being sung to this day, and the lyrics are full of thankfulness, wisdom and the spirit of faith. They are applicable to the lives of everyone who wants to be a disciple of Jesus.

He has written no. 345: “We thank You, God, for making us a way” and no. 394: “The way to heaven is narrow”. The first verse in no. 394 reads:

“The way to heaven is
Narrow, with thorns entwined;
But all who choose this way, happiness find.
Strait is the gate, we know;
Through it we each must go.
Battles just stir our faith onward to go.”