Ways Of The Lord

A collection of spiritual songs and rich source of uplifting lyrics wrapped in appropriate melodies.

The songbook «Ways of the Lord» is a widely used publication, both in larger churches and assemblies, and in smaller gatherings or privately in homes. The first edition was published by Johan O. Smith through Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag in 1915. Since then, 17 revised editions have been published. As of 2021 the book contains 472 songs. «Ways of the Lord» represents a compilation of songs containing spiritual nourishment, a rich fountain of lyrics adorned with appropriate melodies. Participating in song and music has a good effect on us. We are affected positively when we are provided with rich and uplifting lyrics and can read or sing these words in rhythm, either to ourselves, or with others, in a powerful spirit. We get built up in faith, in hope and in truth. The Holy Spirit accompanies the truth and for that reason there is a spirit of revival in many of our songs. The songs were composed during difficult circumstances, in life struggles, in moments of great joy, for special occasions and so on. «Ways of the Lord» is also a spiritual treasure trove. The songs are rich in content in a special way. We wish you all the best as you listen to, sing, and play these songs. We hope it can also become one of your treasures.

If you want to use this material for professional use in connection with paid events, you must obtain written permission in advance from Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag in each individual case. Contact: