A New Year’s greeting from SongTreasures!

Dear SongTreasures user. The SongTreasures team wishes everyone a wonderful New Year in 2024! Another year has passed, and our song treasures are becoming increasingly recognized and widespread through http://songtreasures.org. We hope to bring you many exciting updates in 2024, including articles, updated song histories, new biographies, etc. To kick off the year, we are […]

Two new songs have been added to SongTreasures

The songs «Jeg vet et land, et bedre land» and «When you’re all alone and no one’s watching you» are now available in SongTreasures. “Jeg vet et land, et bedre land” has been added to Ways of the Lord – Additions. It was written by Elihu Pedersen in 1973, and the melody is composed by […]

Six contributor biographies are now available in English

You can now read the biographies of these contributors in English: The songs that these six individuals wrote were often personal testimonies brought forth in different life situations and trials. Reading about their lives is extremely interesting and faith-strengthening! Changing your preferred language to English in settings will give you access to the biographies in […]

Two new songs have been added to SongTreasures

“Jeg har en sang i hjertet” and “Det finnes en skjønnhet som aldri forgår” have been added to Ways of the Lord – Additions. “Jeg har en sang i hjertet” has been added to Ways of the Lord – Additions. The song was written by Kjell Fossnes and composed by Torleif Bratlie in 2020. In […]

Have you tried the new tools in SongTreasures yet?

Two brand new features are now available in the SongTreasures mobile app. Try the built-in metronome and tuner now. Metronome. Play to a self-selected tempo using the new built-in metronome. Select your tempo manually or by using the “tap tempo” function. You can also choose whichever time signature you need. Tuner. Use the “auto” function […]

A Christmas present from the SongTreasures Team

You can now access Tutorials, a great collection of educational videos, for free. Perhaps you’d like to learn the guitar this Christmas? These tutorial videos will help you on your instrument-learning journey. It’s never too late to learn an instrument. If you’ve always wanted to play the piano or the guitar, but haven’t done anything […]

We are live! Say hello to Songtreasures.org

We are pleased to announce that we have now released a new website. Everyone who are interested in Christian Song Treasures can now read about our collections and buy access to the app containing all our Christian Song Treasures. Website created by Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag. Read more about us here: About us