What you will get with the HAM Realbook

As you may have heard, the HAM Realbook is out now on SongTreasures. Maybe you’ve considered buying it, but aren’t exactly sure what you’ll get. In this newsletter you will find some examples that could help you decide. With the HAM Realbook you will get access to lead sheets, song demos, studio recordings, playbacks and […]

A new book is available in SongTreasures!

The HAM Real Book is now available in SongTreasures. The HAM Real Book is a collection of around 200 songs that have been written, composed, and arranged by talented musicians throughout the last 15 years. The songs were often composed for various events such as weddings, funerals, feasts, or anniversaries. For this reason, the book contains a […]

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a time of joy, a time of peace, and a time for making lasting memories with the ones you love. It’s a time for giving – giving your time, giving your money – giving yourself. It is a time when we remind ourselves of God’s love for us. «For this is how God […]