18 melodies in Ways of the Lord have been changed.

From July 2022 onwards, 18 songs will have their melody changed. There are several reasons for this. Some were protected by copyright in 2007, but have now been released. Some have received a completely new melody, for example numbers 286 (Håkon Pedersen) and 396 (Karl Pedersen). For several songs which got a new melody in […]

The biography of Andreas Nilsen is now available in SongTreasures

Andreas Nilsen was a true and faithful shepherd whose work has helped, and still helps thousands of people to this day. He was a living sacrifice who, gripped by the truths of the gospel, devoted his life to God and to serving those around him. Two songs in Ways of the Lord have been written […]

Two new songs have been added to SongTreasures

The songs “Jesus Christ is risen” and “Kom og drikk av livets vann” are now available in Almond Blossom – Additions. “Jesus Christ is risen” (Jesus er oppstanden) was written by Anders Nilsson in 1881, and the melody was composed by Grant C. Tullar. This song, which many people hold dear, has the ability to […]

Eight contributor biographies are now available in English

You can now read the biographies of these contributors in English: It is incredibly inspiring and strengthening to read about the people who’ve written the priceless treasures that are found in our songbooks. These people have dedicated their lives to serving God and blessing others, and the songs they have written have already helped thousands […]

The biography of Sigurd Bratlie is now available in SongTreasures

Sigurd Bratlie was an evangelist, a shepherd, a teacher and an apostle. His life, his writing and his preaching have been a tremendous help for thousands of people. He had a unique ability to bring forth the gospel and the teachings of the apostles in a clear and straightforward way, so that everyone could understand. […]